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Our resident PvP guy! Always willing to queue up for a match and most recently dust of his healing for Saturday Scappers. Thanks for always being willing to help out!
[GB] Guild Officer
Invasion Force
Team Humpday
Saturday Night Scrappers
Kilar and I might be a little late tonight
Yeah... play too much on PC and watch too much TV to sit down to play on it lol.
Wow, Japha... 2015... I couldn't go that long with out opening a new toy. Lol. The story in SW:BF is GREAT and the game play around it is awesome too. The PvP is fun too, I got my first 1st place finishes in Ground and Space pvp this weekend.
I said I would after football... but never got around to finally opening my PS4 from Black Friday 2015 lol
Anyone out there playing Star Wars Battle Front 2?
BW ditched all the west coast server physical locations so all the "west coast" servers are functionally east coast servers now...cue ping quadrupling for lots of players
What did I miss? ;p;
I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if thousands of west coast players suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced by lag
Work has me staying late tonight. Not gonna be able to make the raid. Should be fine for tomorrow though.
Gonna be about 15-20 minutes late tonight
It seems like we kept the only calm one of the bunch... My dad calls their brothe "the hell spawn" and my wife's cousin calls their sister "the daemon cat." Our's is fairly calm and likes to sleep alot... Maybe it's the red bull I gave them as kitte
Time to build a new one then... Lol.
Hope they don't do it again because I don't have any more open USB ports on my computer!
They did even better, Drivan. They broke the USB port on my computer by jumping on the USB extension cord that was plugged into it, breaking all the internal bits...
Don't blame the cats Tek, those adorable little creatures wouldn't damage your keyboard...
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