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Our resident PvP guy! Always willing to queue up for a match and most recently dust of his healing for Saturday Scappers. Thanks for always being willing to help out!
[GB] Guild Officer
Invasion Force
Team Humpday
Saturday Night Scrappers
Nevermind... there is an outage with thei API
Is there something wrong with out discord server? Nothing I send is being sent.
As of right now, Soulless is down Mal and Tek for the night. Will need a DPS and a Tank, if anyone can help out. Thank you.
I have to work tonight and tomorrow night, need a replacement on Soulless team please.
Soulless will do a Groupfinder night for those that will be on, and anyone who wants to come help out.
Soulless will need 2 or 3 people to fill in tonight. We start at 9:00 PM Est
Soulless needs another (my) spot filled for the Tuesday night raid this week.
Tinus still needs to make 1 forum post, so it can stop saying he has zero lol
Holy cow! Tinus on the website!! LOL Thanks for the update
Will be on to raid tonight
We're going back to normal raid, so no 16 man tonight, Ursa
Are we trying 16man again tonight or is this week regularly scheduled programming?
Cause that is what I made it :)
Is there a reason the top banner is now scrolling text?
You do not have access to shout.
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