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Our resident PvP guy! Always willing to queue up for a match and most recently dust of his healing for Saturday Scappers. Thanks for always being willing to help out!
[GB] Guild Officer
Invasion Force
Team Humpday
Saturday Night Scrappers
Still gonna try to make it on, but if not tonight definitly tomorrow. I'll pick up McDonalds or something to be sure I make it.
This hotel sucks!! Was just given the wrong food after waiting 45 mins. still waiting for the right order. Might be on in a while. Good news is that as far as i know, i should be headed home sunday.
Can't make it tonight. Power is out and got a call, drive to MA tomorrow. Gotta pack.
Okay, thanks for saying so, Rodes
Hey guys, I won't be able to make it tonight. Sorry for the short notice. Hopefully you can find a sub.
Humpday will need a tank to fill in Thursday, if anyone can help it would be appreciated
Soulless will need a healer for this Tuesday (tomorrow) and next Tuesday (7/18). Starting at 9:00 PM EST
I close tonight and tomorrow, out for both raids.
I won't be able to make it tonight. My wife made plans, which I forgot about until this morning. I will be on tomorrow.
Soulless will need a DPS for tonight, in addition to Pal :)
may be around a half hour late tonight. Feel free to do some stuff without me.
Soulless will need a dps tonight. 9:00 PM EST
Nevermind... there is an outage with thei API
Is there something wrong with out discord server? Nothing I send is being sent.
You do not have access to shout.
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